ABOUT ME: I’ve got nearly 9 years of experience teaching English and it’s my second time living in London. Recently, I've realised an inner change towards my mother tongue and started taking into consideration the advice many people gave me when I told them I was coming back: to teach Portuguese as a second language. I’ve already got 2 students and I’m enjoying it a lot! As I need to explain things in English, and Portuguese has become my target language, the process is totally different, challenging, and exciting.  It's definitely helped me improve as a  teacher and   as a person.

MATERIALS: I use   the book Novo Avenida Brasil    with  beginners   and texts of a wide range of topics with  more advanced students. I use other resources according to the goals and needs of each individual, of course.

PRICING:   I charge  for  a bundle  of hours, regardless the   level  of student:   £200 for 10 hours; £350 for 20 hours; and £450 for 30 hours.   If the classes are face-to-face, which have    become quite unusual,    I charge £50 more to cover travel expenses. 

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Carla gives great Portuguese classes, she is always very well prepared, brings material that's optimal for the level of the student and even interesting topics, and follows up any questions immediately. She explains the grammar well, and teaches also spoken language. She's flexible and easy to arrange things with. I can only recommend!

Márton Vass

Teacher Carla Venturini

Private English and Portuguese Lessons and  Tours in London


 Finchley - London - UK




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